Monday, October 03, 2005


Certainly there are things that are far worse, but life with a child who is slightly immunodepressed can be exhausting.

Sleep - for all in the house - is hard when a child has near constant colds, sinus infections, or bouts of diarrhea.

And there's the constant concern: will she get sick from this? And if she does, will we end up in the hospital? All the worry is exhausting. It's so hard listening to your child struggling to breathe around so much mucus, and knowing that this might last for weeks - or months. Poor, poor baby.

Humorously, between when I wrote this and when I posted it, Ellie seems to have (so far!) missed the flu going around her school while I caught it. I am not enjoying the flu, but at least I can handle a couple of days of it without my electrolytes getting so out of whack that I end up in the hospital on an IV. I'd take these illnesses for her any day, everyday.