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Postcards from Holland is a group blog for families of children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, or any physical or mental disability, and those that have lost children.
It was conceived as a creative and therapeutic outlet for parents to express their thoughts on
living a family life different than the one we all envisioned. Writing is a wonderful way of
working your way through the challenges of the medically-obsessed or therapy-driven life, as well as celebrating the successes.
Contact me ( if you would like to join as a regular poster,
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Blogger Gigi said...

Welcome to Holland has spoken to me in a rich way over the last 15 years of raising my son. He was born with multiple congenital physical deformities. We had no idea he had these challenges until we saw him on delivery day. I relate to landing in a totally different place than I expected. I relate to seeing others land in their "Italy" and realizing I'll never get there. I've learned to love my "Holland" more than I ever imagined. It's all about perspective in my opinion. I'm choosing to look for new things in this new place I never intended to be.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Laura K. said...

why is this called welcome to holland? I live in Holland so I'm curious since none of you live here lol

8:46 AM  
Blogger jackie d. said...

My daughter is 26 now and has down syndrome. Like so many others I found great inspiration in Welcome to Holland beginning years and years ago when I heard Emily Kingsley present it at a National Down Syndrome Congress meeting.

Our Emily has had a marvelous life so far...well included in all aspects of life...two years living on a small college campus 200 miles from home...a year long job 700 miles and now living with her older sister and family in another town...her choice!

So it was a no brainer when it was time for her to graduate from High School at age 19 that I picked Welcome to Holland to be part of my self designed announcement...(yes...I failed to get permission...sorry). It seemed to say everything I wanted to...but much more eloquently...all I added was..."and..what a trip it's been!"

8:28 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

ezI have just read your story about F.R.O.G.
In 1997, My daughter Mary Elizabeth, was giving a small stuffed toy, It was a Green Frog and its name was Lilly. she recievied this from her big brother who was then in college, she at the time was about 11. from that time on , Mary started to collect all kinds of frogs.everyone knew that she loved frogs, and everyone would give a frog to her, and her room was full of them, one so big infact that it was quite a chore to carry.
Everyone liked and loved my girl Mary, where ever she went, it was like she was a magnet, and, She was always helping the person who was the outsider.
Anyways, when Mary Elizabeth was 15, on March 27, 2002. She was Hit by a car while crossing the street from school, and was killed.
On the day of the wake, There where Children of all ages comming in with green braclets on. One was put in her casket,and one was given to me and I said What does this mean, and the kids told me about how she loved frogs so much, she would say, Remember, Fully Rely on God. I was dumb founded, and taken back for words.
You see, I knew she loved God, But this child of mine talked to her friends about God and heaven.
Then in May of 2002, her birthday to be exact. May 30, well the night before, her friends, and a lot of the mothers also asked me to go for lunch with them to her favorite resturant. anyways, I layed in bed that morning, and I asked God to give me a sign if she was in heaven. and I didnt think another thing of it, Two of her girl friend came over and kept me company, and they went home to get ready for the lunch. and at the sametime a mother picked me up and we went to the resturant. And when these to girls came into the room, where we all where, well these girls where so excited, as was also one of the girls mother, they asked me to come with them, we went to their car, and in a big Five gallon bucket, sat the largest green bull Frog I have ever seen, n
know one new about what I asked God that morning, and when I asked them where they had found this frog,well we lived in an alley way, and we had had tow days of rain so we had big larg puddles, as the where walking to their house, one thought they had seen eyes looking at them, so they reached down picked up that FROG. and brought it to me. No reason for that frog to be in that alley way, we lived in the city, in that home for 16 yrs, I had also three boys, and they never saw anything like this in our area befor,
It was a Gift from God.Telling Me to Fully Rely On GOD. And I believe God let Mary bring it to me for her earthly birthday, She Was in Heaven.
That day, the two girls went to the cemetery, and placed the frog on her grave, they said it stayed on her grave awhile, and then hopped away.
Mary was about 5ft6, a Terrific competive swimmer,who weighed about 120. she had hazel eyes, blond hair and lovely features, and she was kind hearted,loved to help others,with a kindred spirit.
I will miss her till my last breath leaves me, and upon seeing my God I will also see her.
Thank You
Mary's mom

PS I have piuctures of the frog.

11:43 PM  
Blogger genevieve said...

Hello Moreena, I have come here via Sarah Lynn's Blogger profile.
I may have an essay for you one of these days, but for now, is the
Postcards from Holland thing something I should remember? I know of an Australian book where a little sister of an autistic boy says her brother is the "King of Holland", but I've got a feeling that's not where this quote comes from, is it?
Thanks in advance,

5:49 PM  
Blogger Boo said...

I just found this blog, god knows how. Through a friend of a friends of a friends blog.

The Welcome to Holland comes from a poem, which a friend sent to me when my son was born and when I was in hospital for PND.

The link for it is at the top of this page. By Emily.

I might just join this group.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger eda said...


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