Friday, March 04, 2005

The Amazing Card Drive

This post was inspired by some of Moreena’s suggestions! She asked what one of the most amazing things someone had done for us……

In our case, it wasn’t just one someone, but many someone’s! Two years ago, Noah, was about to have a major surgery to lengthen his heel cords and to put a steel plate in hips. This was going to be a long surgery with a long recovery. He would be in a body cast for a few weeks and then half leg casts for a few weeks and would have to be hospitalized multiple times for the surgery and rehab. All of this was taking place right before the holiday seasons! (Thanksgiving and Christmas)
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One of my nieces, Holly (she was 17 at the time), was trying to think of something to do for Noah to show him how many people cared about him. He loves books and mail- so she came up with the idea of doing a card drive - having people mail Noah cards. We wanted to promote this on his website so I decided to open a PO Box. Holly asked me to help make up a flyer to hand out. She also emailed the local paper about it to see if they would run something about it. Shortly after she emailed the paper, a reporter called me and came out and did an interview and took pictures. They ran the article on a Monday - Noah’s surgery was on Thursday of the same week. On her way to the hospital, Holly stopped by the post office and picked up the cards. When she got to the hospital, Noah was already in the operating room and we were all sitting in the waiting room. She walked in with a HUGE stack of cards - 318 to cards to be exact! Our family sat in the waiting room and each took turns and opened the cards and read the aloud. I was so overwhelmed! Noah received so many cards with well wishes, prayers, stickers, coloring books, and even some money! The cards that touched me the most were those from family members of special needs children. The cards that Noah loved the most were the ones from other children, hand drawn cards from local elementary school classes.

The cards kept pouring in and a few days later, the reporter came to the hospital and did a follow up piece. When it was over, Noah ended up with over 1,000 cards from 36 states!

Every person who sent a card, my niece Holly, the reporter, and everyone involved with the card drive did something amazing for Noah and our family. We were so touched that there were that many people out there in the world that would take 5 minutes and 37 cents to put a smile on a little boy’s face!


Blogger Moreena said...

Wow! That's amazing! What have you done with all the cards? That would make a really cool wall art piece.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Coley said...

There are some on the wall, some in a scrapbook, and others are just stored in a big box in the closet!!

1:32 PM  

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