Friday, May 27, 2005


I came across this poem one day and it seemed like it was appropriate for every parent who has lost a child under any circumstance. I am not sure who wrote it but I would like to share.

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Some angels come to visit us,
and be our guests one day.
We know not why they choose our home,
or just how long they stay.
We developed such a love for them,
we didn't stop to think.
That when they had to leave us,
how our hopes and hearts would sink.
They brought much joy and happiness,
but a little sorrow too,
sometimes we were worried,
we knew not what to do.
In this glorious life of sunshine, we must also have some rain,
and amid our joy and happiness,
we must also get some pain,
we are in a state of sadness now,
and repeat a silent prayer,
for those heavenly angels
God placed within our care,