Saturday, February 05, 2005

Advice on posting

Your posts can be about any aspect of your day-to-day living, or your thoughts on news or magazine articles you have read. If possible, it’s nice to include a link to the article you are responding to. If you have any questions about adding links, pictures, or formatting your entry, please email them to me, along with your post.

I recommend writing your post in a text editor and saving it to your computer’s hard drive, rather than writing the post directly in the blogger window. Blogger has been known to eat posts, or you may accidentally hit the wrong button in the process of posting. If you’ve saved it on your computer, you won’t lose all your hard work. Once you’ve written your post, you can then just copy and paste it into the blogger post window. Remember that you can preview your entry before posting it, and if you see any problems (like formatting not appearing correctly, for instance), just contact me.


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