Sunday, May 15, 2005

a place I Want to be

As you drive down the turning paved road you can see the enormous lodge looming ahead. Down in a small canyon lived a special camp for some VERY special campers. I attended the Moncrief Mountain Ranch camp for 6 years. It really helped me cope with post transplant life those first 6 years. It was a place I yearned to go back too year after year. When given writing assignments in school I would often write about my expereinces there. Below is one of those writings.
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It's peaceful here. During the day I could hear the running of the rivers, horses, wolves, and birds chirping. While I walk along the narrow turning path I can hear the padding of other's feet, sticks breaking with a crunch, and an occasional giggle. Here I feel light and dreamy like nothing can get me down. I can smell the pine all around me and feel the warm sun beating down my back.The evening is just as peaceful. I can feel the warmth of the crackling fire and feel a sudden blow of cool air on my back as I snuggle even closer to the fire . I can hear the calling of an owl as I sit in front of the fire on a tree stump. The moquitos nip as I sit with friends talking and singing. The night sky is clear and I can gaze at the moon and stars.A place to think of and yearn for while back at home in a hospital bed.

This camp is now closed. It closed after the summer of 1995. Rumor was someone sued the camp. Becuase of the mistake of one child this place of memories and yearning is now gone.:(
My friends and I miss it dearly and nothing will ever replace it.


Blogger Moreena said...

I'm so glad that you had a place to go in those hard post-transplant years, and sad to hear that it's now closed.

Here's a beautiful post about memories of camp from one of my favorite bloggers:
PPB's camp post

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Anonymous Marisa said...

Thanks Moreena!
We had a signature song at our camp let's see if I remeber all the words....
Say Hello, Say How are you. Making friends just isn't hard to do. You just look them in the eye crack a smile and just say HI. And you'll see your love come smiling back at you. Clap,Clap, ClapClap
I think it's just a tad bit off with a word or two but you get it. Obvisouly a song I will ALWAYS rememebr.
ANd I have video tapes from every year I was there so when I get sad and lonely for camp I just pop one in and watch all my friends. A great way to remember my friends that have flown ahead of me to heaven as well. I will never forget them this way.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to camp for 4-5 years, and then had my transplant right after it closed in jan 96. I've gone to many camps for kids with different medical problems, kidney, cancer, etc. and moncrief mountain ranch is def my favorite and my first. I want to make a trip up there next summer just to take in the beauty up there. --Doug

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