Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A mommy's poem ( part I and part II)

Part 1

When he was born his skin was soft and pink.
I held him in my arms but never to think.
The days that lay ahead weren't what I planned,
They told me he was dying and had but one chance.
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They said if he were to get a call, a special gift,
He would live the life we’d always wished.
The months went by and I watched him fail
On my knees I began to wail !!

This little angel giggled through the day
I was so grateful he never felt our pain.
The days were worse he began to suffer.
His days were hard but the nights were rougher.
His skin once pink had now turned yellow
I won’t forget the nights that followed.

A mommy’s worst fears were coming true
He was dying in my arms and nothing I could do.
When my baby became so close to death,
I know he felt the angel’s breath.
My special son so close to Heaven
Now the phone rings and hope has risen!

A child has died but gave us a gift,
My son will now know what it is like to live.

***Dedicated to Aiden’s donor family. Thank you for my son.

Part II (written after his transplant and after the struggles)

His little legs run as fast as they can carry.
"OH MOMMY! Come see a bug so hairy!"
He sings his songs and knows his numbers
He laughs and giggles; quite the performer.

The sick days are few, the good days are here
What was that feeling? Wasn’t it fear?
Pain and sadness were my old friends
But I won’t visit them, ever again!

I spend my days learning to talk
To doggies, fishies and all that walks.
I have learned more lessons than I ever thought could
Who’d figured my teacher was 2 years old.

Faith in God and family and friends
A gift I was given time and again.

"Now chase me Mommy lets watch YOU run!"
Words I prayed for, for so long.
Once was a time where it was not so good
When all my time on Earth just stood.
But my secret I will keep from him,
It is not his problem or burden.
I want no pain for him to bear.
Let him play and have no cares.

I dreamt of a healthy little boy
And God gave me, my child, my joy.
I have to learn to keep up with him
Before I know it the race he’ll win.

"Run Faster Mommy! C’mon Let’s GO!
Clap you hands, dance and laugh like so."
Some family out there chose to give,
Dreams came true, I watch him love to live.


Blogger Moreena said...

What I like best about this poem is the way that the last 2 lines of each echo one another. The first ends with, "My son will now know what it is like to live." an open door. And the second ends with, "I watch him love to live." You've gone through the door with him, and are celebrating that life, as well as honoring the donor who gave him the chance. Nice.

1:28 PM  

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